·         300 person seating capacity

·         60” round tables for guests

·         6’ and 8’ tables for additional needs

·         Chairs

·         Banquet room available for decorating 1 day prior to event date (11am – 6pm)

·         On-site parking

·         Parking attendants**

·         A host during the event to help things go smoothly

·         Non-smoking room with smoking area under carport

·         Air conditioning/heating

·         Behind the scenes staging area for your caterer

·         Bar with built-in tap system for two kegs of beer

·         Bartender(s)**

·         Set-up and general cleaning services provided (beforehand)



·         The use of pyrotechnics and any form of illegal or legal firework is strictly prohibited both inside and outside of the building.

·         No smoking r chewing tobacco permitted within the building.  This includes cigarettes, vapor cigarettes, cigars, and pipe tobacco                 and chewing tobacco.

·         No confetti or beads loose on tables.


·         You may:

o   Provide decorations on the tables.

o   You may hang decorations from the soundboards only.

o   Bring your own freestanding indoor decoration such as an indoor trellis, candelabras, etc.

·         You may not:

o   Attach, hang or suspend decorations or items to any walls or the ceiling.

o   Use confetti.


·         All receptions are to be over by 10 pm, unless payment for additional time is made.

·         All guests must vacate the building by 12 am.

·         The John Bracken Hall reserves the right to ask you to lower the volume of music, we also reserve the right to ask anyone to leave              the premises if their behavior warrants.


·         You are permitted to decorate the day before your reception during the hours of 8 am to 2 pm.

·         You will need to remove anything you would like to keep from the room prior to leaving the night of the event.  This includes

           centerpieces, decorations, left over favors, programs, etc. (anything left behind becomes the property of The John Bracken Hall)